Welcome to May Festival MiNiS

Designed to include the youngest musicians (ages 0-12) in the annual May Festival, MiNiS shares musical concepts and vocal activities to complement the repertoire and themes presented by the May Festival each year. This program engages, entertains, and educates children of ALL abilities in music education, with a variety of activities and levels to serve children with differing needs.

The MiNiS program is designed to travel to educational settings across the Cincinnati region, and music educators of all levels are encouraged to use MiNiS materials, lesson plans, and videos in their own classrooms. Our ultimate goal is to promote singing – the most accessible form of music – across the tri-state area, especially among children, ensuring that Cincinnati continues to be known as "The City that Sings"!

Interested in a lesson? Please email EDreith@mayfestival.com for availability.

2024-25 season is OUR WORLD!
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