Board of Directors

Since the beginning of the Cincinnati May Festival in 1873, the Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee have overseen the financial aspects of the May Festival and served as the organization’s governing body. This is an important task—guiding Cincinnati’s longest-running cultural project and one of the largest and most prestigious choral festivals in the world.

Christy Horan, Chair
Mike Curran, Vice Chair
Anthony Lazzeri, Treasurer
Mary H. Stucky, Secretary
Eric K. Combs, Immediate Past Chair

Helene Bentley
David Boyles
Christopher Canarie
William Henry Caldwell
Teresa Ernst
Barbara Feldmann
Mary Gimpel
Barbara Hahn
J. Mark Holcomb
Dr. David A. Huelsman
Isaiah Hyman, Jr.
Thomas Kirkpatrick
Anthony Lazzeri
Robert Lomax
Rene McPhedran
Patricia C. Misrach
Manisha Patel MD
Kathleen Rambo
Ruthann Sammarco
Eileen Stanisic
Kelly Willbrandt
Jeannine Winkelmann
Shelby Wood

Advisory Committee
(Past Chairs)

Rhoda A. Brooks
Melanie M. Chavez
Eric K. Combs
Nancy Heffner Donovan
Kelley J. Downing
Gregory L. Ebel
Jerold A. Fink
J. Mark Holcomb
Susan S. Laffoon
Sherie Lynch Marek
Charles S. Mechem
Thomas L. Neyer, Jr.
Charles Powers
Carole Tyler Rigaud
J. Shane Starkey
Robert E. Stautberg
Timothy E. Stautberg
Frank H. Stewart
Gust Totlis
Ronald H. Yocum

Directors Emeriti

Susan S. Laffoon
Geraldine B. Warner

Honorary Trustee

Steven Monder